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Discipline, 2001

Discipline, two-channel installation, loop, 2001

A moving image installation showing a woman laying on the sofa and looking at aerobics videos. Another channel with women jumping and doing exercise in the rhythm of a commanding male voice.

Finnish Academy of Fine Arts / Ari Lepistö

About Dancing, 2000

About Dancing, Super 8, 16 mm, Betamaster 6" 08, 2000

A story of a young girl's development into a ballet dancer. A personal contemplation on the conflict between girly dreams and the hard everyday work of a dancer.

About Dancing, video still Above: About Dancing video still, 2000

AVEK/ Veli Granö
Written, directed and edited by Johanna Lecklin

Heta Kuchka
Nora Hagman
Antti Lecklin
Kerttu Lecklin
Johanna Lecklin
Olli Lecklin
Lina Tegman
Voice-over Johanna Lecklin
Special thanks to: Jussi Tolvanen & Juhana Ikäheimonen


Balance, Mini DV, 5 min 40, 2000

A woman painting a space with white paint. A male voice is commanding and criticizing her. Sometimes the woman follows the orders, sometimes not.

Balance, Mini DV, 5 min 40, 2000 Above: Balance video still, 2000

Concept, performance, camera and editing Johanna Lecklin
Voice-over Brian Merriman


PERFECT, Mini DV, 1 min, 1999

A projection of princess Diana's face on the artist's face. Subtitles are instructing how to fit in to the image of the princess.

Above: PERFECT video stills, 1999

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