Language Is The Key To Everything
HD video, two-channel installation, 12 min 35 s, 2012

The script is based on interviews with Sweden Finnish first and second generation immigrants in Haninge, Sweden. The character of the young man, a second-generation immigrant, tells a fictionalized story in Swedish. The story is based on questions of identity and language that the interviewees had told. The older woman, a first generation immigrant, explains the situation that a Finnish immigrant, who didn’t speak any Swedish, tackled in the 1960s and 1970s in Sweden. Both the man and the woman participated in an art project about Sweden Finnish people that Johanna Lecklin made for Haninge municipality. The young man himself was one of the interviewees. The piece was first shown at Haninge Art Hall in Haninge Cultural Centre in the autumn 2012, where it was also filmed.