Letters From Busholmen
stop motion animation, 2012

Letters From Busholmen is a stop motion animation filmed in a warehouse in Jätkäsaari (Busholmen in Swedish, the original name for a small island in front of Helsinki) in Helsinki, Finland. It is a love story between a smuggler and a lady, whose family has a villa on the island Busholmen. The story is built up like a guided tour in the family villa during in the Prohibition era in Finland (1919-1932), when the villas on Busholmen were already abandoned. The images show the interior of the warehouse, Magasin L3, at the same time when the voice-over guides through the villa and reads the love letters from the lady and the smuggler.

The piece was first shown at the 10 year anniversary exhibition of Gallery Huuto, an artist-run gallery, in the same location, Magasin L3, where it was shot.